Circular reference



Understanding the “parchi” method. Ever since I have started my professional career, I have noticed the overwhelming trend of recruiting through “parchi” also commonly referred to as “Reference/ Source”.

Just look at how far this disease has crippled our society here
There is usually no trace of merit on entry level positions as people are hired for various reasons other than merit. On a slightly higher rung up the corporate ladder, organisations are now realising the demerits of the parchi system. A lot of times people hired through recommendations do not pull their weight and breed inefficiency with in the company.
The newer reference system is slightly better as employers do not like to rely upon unknown references for a candidate, they need to know someone personally who can vouch for them.

I write from my experience working here and the middle east.

The employment system is gradually evolving, lets hope the next step arrives sooner rather than later.
How did you end up in your current job? Reference or merit?