Flash fiction- A slap


Actions speak louder than words. The little boy was running around laughing and screaming as if je was being chased by many other children. Those sparkling black eyes and that infectious smile passed from my table every fee minutes. My acquaintance and I were trying to have a serious conversation but it we were regularly distracted by the running, the screaming and the giggling.
We looked around to see where the parents of this bundle of energy were, a quick scan of the room quickly revealed the parents as the only people who somehow managed to combine the looks of exhaustion amd resignation. There was a general feeling of disapproval everyone shot judgemental looks from the toddler to the parents.
No one had said a word, but the father had gotten the message. He grabbed his son by the waist and knelt to his level. No one could understand the words being spoken but the tone was very harsh. The conversation ended with a slap whose sound echoed in the hall. Now there were new judgmental looks on the father as the sparkle in those black eyes was dimmed by tears and that infectious smile replaced by a frown. The screams and giggles were replaced by soft sobs as father and son made their way back to their table. I returned to my conversation with my colleague remarking “Action speak louder than words”


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