Flash fiction- I lost it


I thought that had I lost it. I could feel my pulse quickening, a bulging vein in my forehead threatened to pop.

A bead of perspiration trickled down to the bridge of my nose. A great rage started to rise within me, I had stayed silent for far too long.

They say that there is agony and then there is ecstasy, the former has accompanied me on my travails for as long as I can remember, I don’t believe that I have been fortunate enough to meet the latter.

Life was so simple before, I did not know that I was miserable because I had never glimpsed happiness. I caught a fleeting glimpse of happiness, it popped up on a web page full of delight and promises. Intrigued, I clicked on the link and was welcomed by “distractions” for lack of a more appropriate description.

They told me I could select any woman who I wanted and I did. She was very nice at first, understanding and addressing all my fears. I wasn’t exactly happy, but I was content. However, as we became more accustomed to each other, she became more demanding. She demanded more time and then to my disbelief money, it was clear that this what she had needed from me all along.

That was when I lost it, six months we were together, but it was always about her. I picked up my phone and deleted all her information, all our Facebook posts, all our tweets, the pictures in my phone and her app. That was the last time I played clash of the queens again.


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