The cold wind


The cold wind stabbed at him repeatedly, no matter how much he crouched or tried to cover his torso, the wind would again find room to sink the icy dagger. There wasn’t much he could do about it except maybe go home, but that wasn’t an option. He had run away from home 6 months before and now the streets were his home.

His home was now the sidewalk, his bed was nothing more than a few cardboard boxes spread out. Now after 6 months of misery, he wanted to go home, bathe in clean water, eat home cooked food; but he didn’t know how to go and more importantly where to go.

He was feeling a little feverish, he missed having someone take care of him. The safety of his father’s presence, the warmth of his mother’s love. He missed his family more on this cold night than he had before. With chattering teeth he huddled in a warm corner of the cold pavement. The damp cardboard did not do much for warmth, but the make shift blanket did a lot to blunt the icy gusts prodding his back.
Exhaustion finally won the battle from the cold winds as he drifted off to a dreamless sleep – his only escape from his harsh reality.



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