How to sweep a girl off her feet- The Pakistani version


A lot has been written and said about wooing girls and sweeping them off their feet. Not a lot has been written about it by a Pakistani perspective. Please note that the author does not take any responsibility for any trouble in paradise caused by this list.

1. Tell her that she doesn’t need to make the perfect round roti, you can get those at a restaurant near by.

2. Tell her she doesn’t have to be fair to be lovely.

3. When she says that she will get back to you, she will. There isn’t any need to remind her of it every five minutes via text, phone calls, Skype, Viber, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp…..

4. She doesn’t need to be a doctor to get your parents’ approval. Although if she is a doctor, you might consider giving her an apple daily to keep the other doctors away from her 😉

5. If your English isn’t good, converse with her in a language you are comfortable- a lot can get lost in translation.

6. Keeping in view the above mentioned issue, some guys try to impress other girls by religiously consulting the thesaurus, this can sometimes back fire. Case in point: “I fell gay with you” may not be what a girl wants to hear from a guy.

7. If you are friends with a female no need to formalize it with a ‘I wanna fraaandship you baby’ or ‘I wanna parpose you’

8. Make her laugh.

9. Patience- develop this most important quality. You will need it when your beloved spends 1 hour haggling over a few hundred rupees only to leave thousands of rupees worth of merchandise just because she didn’t get her way.

10. And last but not the least- have auto answers ready for two questions
Q1. How do I look?
A. Great
Q2. Do I look fat?
A. No

As always feedback is always welcome.

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