Top 5 ways to LBDN- Look busy doing nothing


Chilling, lounging about, hanging, resting, taking a break. These are just some of the things we label the when we LBDN( Looking Busy Doing Nothing)

As with all the lists that I have ever written, there is always room for improvement and feedback is always welcome. So here are 5 ways to LBDN. More will be added to this list later

1. Alt+Tab-also known as Windows+D approach. Anyone in an office environment will be aware of these two key shortcuts on your keyboard. The former is a shortcut for switching between windows most popular people using social networking sites at work.
2. The perfectionist approach- This involves taking a small task and focusing on really minute details to ensure that work is done properly. For example writing file labels in really fancy calligraphic style font, which is a pure LBDN task.
3. The busy bee approach- This one of the most strenuous of the LBDN approaches. It involves having a set of documents or file on hand and everytime someone approaches to you with a possible task, you take off in the opposite direction on the pretext that you have some work to do. This communicates to do the other person that you don’t even have the time to scratch your head let alone do the task they were about to set you.
4. The confused approach- this is one of the most common approaches used particularly by the junior members of staff or teams. Even a slightly difficult task is projected to be harder than an England World cup victory either in Cricket or football 😉
5. Helping out others- One good turn deserves another. This was one of the first moral lessons I learnt in school. This was more of a personal discovery, when you help out someone, you usually only handout helpful advice. No work is involved, plus the other person will in some way feel indebted to you and you can utilize their skills appropriately when you are in a spot of bother.

As stated above more items will be added later. Finally a word of advice- never LBDN when you have your own work to do, this is only recommended for when you have done your work and are looking to avoid getting stuck with additional tedious, useless tasks.

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