Top ten reasons to go to a dharna(protest)


It’s been a long time since I have written a top ten list. Please bear in mind thay this list as been compiled with the PTI protest in mind. This one has been calling out to me for the last few days, so here goes:

1- For the guys- its the most obvious one- a taroo maroo galore. It would make a great how I met your mother story.

2- For the girls- same for the guys but to a lesser extent. It is an unspoken albeit unproven theory, but we have reason to believe that the burger crowd females carry an average taroo rating of 7.7 out of a maximum 10 as compared to a mean of 6 out of 10 for their male counterparts.

3- For the rishta wali aunties- a chance to pluck out the more politically savvy, round roti making”Dactarni” aka doctor
From the available rishta pool. In hindsight it would make a great story to tell- “I was in the revolutionary PTI protest when I saw the bahoo of my dreams, she had a PTI flag as a hijab, which showed that she was both religious and political, the very fact that she was in that jalsa meant that she was educated. The stethoscope hanging from her neck told me that she was a doctor and the bailan in her hand showed me that she loves to make perfect round rotis(flatbreads)”

4- For the kids- a free concert of sorts with a full partying type atmosphere with the best supervision there is: The media.

5- For the men, slightly older people who fall in the “uncle” category- refer reason 1 as well as the “young” energetic 60+ year old leadership demonstrating that age is just a number.

For reasons 6 through 8 please refer point 1, that’s the level of eye candy present there!

9- Witness something historical… A course changing event in Pakistan’s history. I am skeptical about the ganju mian stepping down, but something good will come of this.

10- Finally, last but not the least, go and witness the proper way to make a political statement without breaking up cars, forcefully closing down of shops from unidentified people. It’s not complete democracy in its truest sense, but it sure looks like a step in the right direction.

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