Stressed at work?


It’s the little things that count. The little victories that give you small doses of joy throughout your day that makes life worth living. Not everyone gets to be the best at what they do- everyone has flaws and no one is perfect. It’s our imperfections that make us human.

A lot of people I know crave perfection, which may not necessarily be a bad thing. In their pursuit of perfection, they start obsessing over the little details and stress out over every minor flaw. Every little mistake is a huge disaster for them. Upon discovery of a certain mistake, they spend the next hour holding their head in their hands cursing and stressing over the fact that they lost the plot. What they should be doing is moving on and say what happened has happened and chalk out a plan of action to counter the failure.Moments like this is when a person’s mettle is really tested. The first step in any problem should be to assess the damage and think of the next step.

Stressing will not help matters

and will only serve as basis of permanently impairing essential body mechanisms and induce illnesses like diabetes amd hypertension.
The best way to deal with such situations is just to tell yourself that shit happens and move on. Try keeping the environment stress free, crack a few jokes, reveal a smile. It doesn’t matter what your status in the team is, whether you are a junior team member or the one ultimately responsible for the task, or you are working alone for that matter. In times of crisis always remember whatever happens, happens for the best. Stop stressing over little things and celebrate the small victories, they are worth it.
So don’t worry be happy!

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