Career Advice From Friends


What we can learn from friends

The Ways of K

Anyone who knows me is aware that Friends is my favorite TV show. I watch it almost daily. I don’t just watch it for the punch lines, I watch it because I can find it easy to relate to and because I think it can offer some sage advice. The characters on the show go through many career and personal changes throughout their 10 season run. From it, I have gathered some great career wisdom, from all six characters, that I think we should all keep in mind.

Rachel: Proof Reading and Keeping Up with Contacts

When Rachel is trying to break into the fashion world, she makes the mistake of sending out hundreds of resumes stating she has “compuper skills.” Unlike the resume incident, Rachel’s networking goes much more smoothly. Mark, her coworker from Bloomingdale’s whom she remained friends with, is the one who sets her up an interview at…

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