Fraandship- a mobile love story



Fraandship! Fraandship!


These two letters lit up her screen as her cell phone screen illuminated due to the arrival of a text message. The number of the sender was unknown. Samina glanced at her phone and decided to ignore the text.

A few minutes later, her mobile vibrated again, it was the same unknown number this time the sms contained a cheesy romantic verse about fate and love. Since she had nothing else to do, she decided to have some fun with the person texting her. She texted him back: ‘what’s the use of fate, love and friendship; when a lack of credit prevents two people from realising their destiny?’

‘If a little credit is all that’s required for us to realise our destiny -then you got it.’

Samina’s cell buzzed again the contents of the text startled her a little, it was a message from the cellular network informing…

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