The Facebook Handbook and a guide to Social networking part 2



For part 1-

After some suggestions from friends and some new discoveries, I am pleased to present to you part 2 of the guide to social networking:

  1. If a girl has a celebrity pic as her DP, chances are  that she is either not comfortable with her looks or that she is a ninja- no the assassin, star throwing kind, but the burqa clad kind that made Saad Haroon sing about them- Burqa Woman
  2. If you uploaded something to get a gazillion likes and no one does- stop whining and updating statuses about it- here’s a thought… no one cares!
  3. If app and game requests push your button then I suggest you push the button that says ignore all game requests.
  4. If someone’s idiotic posts piss you off, heres a tip- you can customise you newsfeed or better yet.. unfriend them!
  5. No one really cares how many friends…

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