Ironies of Life



People generally tend to behave in very ironic ways. Here is a sample of how they behave

1- Boys grow facial hair to look like men, and shave them when they become men to look like boys.

2- People claiming not to care about getting old, are the first one to colour their head at the first shades of grey.

3-  In order to promote something trendy people use the catch phrase – everybody is doing it, to promote it. However it stops being hip when everybody really starts doing it!

4- Whenever someone asks for an original idea that no one has done before, their first response to any idea is ‘who does that?’ forgetting what their request was in the first place.

5- Ladies prefer to buy their clothes from someone who calls them ‘baji’ not ‘aunty’ even if the former charges a slightly higher price.

6- People…

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