10 Reasons to drive a crappy car



Recently I have observed that more and more people are buying imported cars over old cars. Here are 10 reasons why I think that crappy old cars are better than new ones:

10- Crappy old cars come with anti-beggar devices, the weird noises that the engine makes scare away beggar

9- Your friends will not borrow your car. Lets face it if I drive an ’86 charade, my friends won’t be lining up to take it for a spin around that block

8- Spare parts are much cheaper. Maintenance is cheaper as we have a range of spare parts categories to choose from- Japani, chinese ,genuine, desi, desi chinese, second hand from shershah, second- hand, stolen ………..

7- A crappy car can be repaired more easily, many mechanics are available for crappy old cars, therefore it will also be cheaper in labour fees

6- Not easily dented as the new…

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