The Burger, Bun Kabab and the Roll



This is not a review of the food scene, but rather the social scene. We all know what burger log are. A burger person is that individual who:

1- Uses the word ‘like’ frequently, often beginning sentences with the word

2- Their Urdu vocabulary is quite poor and therefore they prefer to converse in English as much as possible

3- A true burger bacha has minimal exposure to public transport particularly travelling in buses

4- They usually indulge themselves in expensive fads like designer clothes, mobile phones and technical gizmos.

5- Has never been mugged.

The burger people are usually found in abundance in the Clifton/defence area although there are rumors of some burger sightings in Malir Cantt and PECHS area.

The bun kabab is a recent phenomenon they are found in abundance in the city, bun kababs can be classified as wannabes who arent quite burger material. Their title…

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