My cousin vinny, funny dialogue..



Is that a drip I hear?|- (water drips)
Weren’t you the Iast one|to use the bathroom?
– Did you use the faucet?|- Yeah.
– Then why didn’t you turn it off?|- I did turn it off.
WeII, if you turned it off,|why am I Iistening to it?
Did it occur to you it couId be|turned off and drip at the same time?
No. If you turned it off, it wouIdn’t drip.
– Maybe it’s broken.|- Is that what you’re saying? It’s broken?
Yeah, that’s it. It’s broken.
– You sure?|- I’m positive.
– Maybe you didn’t twist it hard enough?|- I twisted itjust right.
How couId you be so sure?
If you wiII Iook in the manuaI, you wiII|see that this particuIar modeI faucet…
..requires a range of 10 to 16|foot-pounds of torque.
I routineIy twist to|maximum-aIIowabIe torquage.
How couId you be sure|you used 16 foot-pounds of torque?
Because I used a Craftsman modeI 1019|Iaboratory edition…
..Signature Series torque wrench.
The kind used by CaItech|high-energy physicists…
..and NASA engineers.
WeII, in that case, how couId|you be sure that’s accurate?
Because a spIit second before the torque|wrench was appIied to the faucet handIe,… had been caIibrated by top members…
..of the state and federaI|department of weights and measures… be dead-on baIIs accurate.
Here’s a certificate of vaIidation.
Dead-on baIIs accurate?
It’s an industry term.
I guess the fucking thing is broken.
(whistle blares


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