The Comedy Show


hilarious!!! Airport humour

The Neighborhood

{press play}

The Neighborhood The Neighborhood

{press play}


comedyphotoshoot The Comedians

Jess Clackum
Jean Marc Toledano
Rich Green
Ned Hickson

Set Design by
Art. Paper. Scissors. Glue!

House Band
Mickey Roarr –  Scarface Martin

story by Kendall F. Person
developed & produced by thepublicblogger


Rich Green

He was already numb, so when he heard the click it did little to calm nerves that were so frayed, he was not sure how he could go on. But Rich Green had drawn the shortest straw, passing the first sadistic hurdle in flying colors, he must now calm himself enough to pass another. Refusing to make eye contact with the others, Rich stood up from his silver and black chair, wiped the sweat from his brow, took a sip of water and prepared to wow the crowd.

Main Stage

{press play}


Ned Hickson

He could hear the audience laughing, he could feel…

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