The Facebook Handbook and a guide to Social networking part 2


For part 1-

After some suggestions from friends and some new discoveries, I am pleased to present to you part 2 of the guide to social networking:

  1. If a girl has a celebrity pic as her DP, chances are  that she is either not comfortable with her looks or that she is a ninja- no the assassin, star throwing kind, but the burqa clad kind that made Saad Haroon sing about them- Burqa Woman
  2. If you uploaded something to get a gazillion likes and no one does- stop whining and updating statuses about it- here’s a thought… no one cares!
  3. If app and game requests push your button then I suggest you push the button that says ignore all game requests.
  4. If someone’s idiotic posts piss you off, heres a tip- you can customise you newsfeed or better yet.. unfriend them!
  5. No one really cares how many friends you have, so dont brag about it.
  6. Respect the Hashtag, if you feel an itch somewhere just scratch it! no need to tell everyone to feel itchy as well and try to start stupid trends
  7. Refrain from sharing politically/religiously sensitive material, it is in our best interests not to spark hate debate given the current social situation in Pakistan. To quote a respected scholar- ‘This is not the time to spread hate, too many people have spread hate in our societies, in our hearts an in our heads. This is the time for spreading compassion and understanding, you may belong to any sect, ethnicity or religion after wards, we are first off humans, lets first show humanity to humans”
  8. In relation to the above point please again stop igniting, fueling stupid debates that may result in someone getting hurt, be it hysically or emotionally.
  9. If you see some objectionable content, do report it.
  10. Lastly, if you do see something hilarious,  meme, an article or a clip, do share it others, spread some joy- bring a smile to someone else’s face.

As I said before, this isnt a final list, stay tuned for more updates! As always, feedback is welcome!

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