The Meethi Gali


Karachi is now so developed that there are proper markets for almost everything or ‘Markeet’ as they are often referred to in Urdu. There is a market for mobiles, cars, electronics, clothes, foodstuffs, stolen stuff, smuggled goods, second hand goods, new stolen goods- I could go on, but I will get to my point. Among all these types of markets I never knew that there was one that catered your sweet tooth needs.

I am not talking about the mithaiwalas, or the expensive ice cream parlors and ‘fro-yos’(in case you don’t know , this refers to frozen yogurt franchises that have started popping up all over defense and recently the rest of Karachi.) I am referring to the traditional sweets except mithais and kheers. I am talking about a whole confectionery industry not many people know about.

How many of you know the meaning of the words ‘gajak’, ‘chiki’ or ’gaz’? These are different kind of sweets you will find on the Meethi Gali as I like to call it. Technically it is located on Nizami Road off MA Jinnah Road. This market is directly opposite the Ida Rieu Institute for the deaf and blind.  The institute was the reason how I discovered this place. I had been having the sweet treats mentioned above, for years (my dad does not have a sweet tooth- he has sweet teeth, that’s how much he loves to indulge himself in anything remotely sugary)

This market is quite old, judging by the fact that

  1. It is located in Saddar and,
  2. I’ve been having these sweets ever since I remember.

Most of the shopkeepers there make at least one product on their shop. Barring the peanut toffee Chikki, the rest of the sweets are usually freshly made and packed on a daily basis.  So all those people with a sweet tooth willing to try new things if you are ever on M A Jinnah road make a short stop on the Meethi Gali and to borrow a line from a famous ad of an ice cream- indulge yourself! Happy Eating! I will leave you with a pic of a chiki


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