The Facebook Handbook and a guide to social networking



Like with all  new fads, after initially bursting on the scene and wowing people, rules are generally developed to help maintain the pleasure of that fad. However in many cases these rules are not properly documented resulting in some unpleasant/embarassing moments. Since this usually occurs with guys, I have come up with a few points to help guys specifically and some girls may also find this little list useful

  1. This was pointed out by my friend, I believe I was also a victim of this. If someone of the opposite sex likes your post, photo or anything, this does not mean that they are into you. God forbid if they comment, its just a compliment not a proposal!
  2. Social networking sites are like a party of sorts, like in other social situations where you have to watch what comes out of your mouth or in this case what you leaves your keyboard.Though there is ample opportunity to filter what you want to say, spending an hour talking with someone in person and chatting with them online for an hour usually makes you wish that your acquaintance shouldn’t have messaged you the things that they had.
  3. Never leave your account logged in for some of your friends to decide to announce to the world your change in gender preference for a life partner. I learned that the hard way.
  4. Always keep relatives and family members on limited profile, you never know which post you share could spell your downfall. Another alternative option is to maintain two separate  profiles- one for family and one for friends.
  5. If you have a bunch of extremely girl obssessed, poondi loving tharki friends, it is advisable to protect your female friends from the ever hungry stalking eyes of those friends.
  6. Facebook is not a stalking tool, and as a few acquaintances have revealed to me in strictest of confidences that not all children’s pictures that girls have as their display picture are of their own child. It could be a neice or a nephew as well. So don’t be quick to judge a person by their dp.
  7. The two person theorem, this is a very seasoned theory for stalkers (I’ve heard not seen) if there are two or more persons in a display pictures 7 times out of 10 the chanve is that the uglier person will be the owner of that profile. This figure goes further up to 9 in the case of girls. There is the family exception to this rule, that if the picture is a family group photo then the most beautiful person in the picture is the owner of that profile.
  8. Social networking sites are not places to tell the world why you feel the way you feel, you just have to tell them the ‘how you feel’. Leave the ‘why’s to the other people, keep an air of mystery about yourself.
  9. Never say I love you to any person you befriend online, they may turn out to be that scrawny kid in your neighbourhood, who’s always typing on his phone and smirking
  10. Finally on a more serious note- if you do meet someone online and arrange to meet them in person, always choose a place where you feel safe and comfortable. Stay safe!

As always no rule book is final, tweaks are expected. So if you have any suggestions please do send them my way.

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