10 Signs that you’re a Likeaholic


There are new addictions discovered everyday, some are very well known for example alchoholism or gaming. A lesser known addiction is likeaholism, a person on facebook who does anyhing and everything to get more likes to uplift his or her self esteem. I’ve gathered 10 signs that a likeaholic displays, who knows maybe you’re one of them:

  1. Your status updates include everything in your life literally everything, from your moods, to what you feel, how you feel, where you feel, who you feel and this list goes on and on.
  2. You check in everywhere you go, be it from your room to the bathroom or from your office to your car.
  3. Upload pictures of stupidd random stuff, like your food or the pile of papers on your desk.
  4. Change a profile picture almost daily and then ask your friends in person why they haven’t liked your pic yet.
  5. Change your profile name to stupid random names like ‘kewl girl’ ‘prince of charm’
  6. Religiously add all suggested friends on facebook till you’ve got a gazillion friends of which you know only 5
  7. You stalk a friend’s profile and get pissed when they get a hundred likes for updating their status as goodnight.(this is a usually common ign among girls)
  8. You lay in your bed thinking what would make the most amazing profile pic
  9. When you see something beautiful, your first reaction is not appreciationg its beauty but thinking how awesome it would look as your background picture.
  10. You like other people’s posts and pictures in the hope that you will also get a like on your posts and pictures, When they don’t do what you expect, you start questioning them and say that they are ‘horrible horrible people’

One thought on “10 Signs that you’re a Likeaholic

  1. lol. For me Facebook is becoming a ghost town because very few of my friends use it anymore and I only get 1 or 2 updates daily. However, I visit it regularly because it is the best way to check up on everyone you know. Awesome blog btw.

    On another note, you should write another blog, something like ‘liking a status or a profile pic is not a marriage proposal’. 😛


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