The Burger, Bun Kabab and the Roll


This is not a review of the food scene, but rather the social scene. We all know what burger log are. A burger person is that individual who:

1- Uses the word ‘like’ frequently, often beginning sentences with the word

2- Their Urdu vocabulary is quite poor and therefore they prefer to converse in English as much as possible

3- A true burger bacha has minimal exposure to public transport particularly travelling in buses

4- They usually indulge themselves in expensive fads like designer clothes, mobile phones and technical gizmos.

5- Has never been mugged.

The burger people are usually found in abundance in the Clifton/defence area although there are rumors of some burger sightings in Malir Cantt and PECHS area.

The bun kabab is a recent phenomenon they are found in abundance in the city, bun kababs can be classified as wannabes who arent quite burger material. Their title is derived from the fact that despite all the side treats provided by the bun kabab walas like fries, cole slaw and ketchup, the bun kabab does not become a burger as the essence of trhe bun kabab, the daal wala patty, keeps it in the bun kabab category. The bun kababs can be found in  almost everty area of karachi so they cannot be classfied as living in one particular zone. The bun kabab is an individual who:

1- Has crappy English vocabulary but insists on conversing in the language and overcomes the lack of vocabulary by entering the words ‘yaar’ and ‘na’ in every sentence.

2- Gels up their hair too much or spends every free minute working on their hair.

3-  Thinks the best pick up line in the world is : I wanna make friendship with u baby!

4- Has a decent idea how to move around the city on public transport and usually demonstrates a thorough knowledge of all the bus routes in the city.

5- Consider being mugged the completeness of being a true karachiite.

6- Usually are very good starers, get enough expertise by practicing on all girls passing by

7- Watch all the latest English films regularly (the version dubbed in Urdu)

8- Have a pretty good knowledge about Torrents

Now finally the roll, this is a very new yet old class of the social scene. An individual is classified as a roll as he is very different from a burger and bun kabab, these people are in a class if their own. A roll individual has the following characteristics:

1- Is usually competent enough to converse in both English and Urdu, but prefers the national language as their preferred mode of conversation.

2- Does not stare at girls but indulges himself in the activity from time to time so the bun kababs don’t feel left out.

3- Do not fuss over their looks as much.

4- Has a reading habit.

5- Has a soft spot for cricket although does not display it for fear of ridicule.

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