10 Reasons to drive a crappy car


Recently I have observed that more and more people are buying imported cars over old cars. Here are 10 reasons why I think that crappy old cars are better than new ones:

10- Crappy old cars come with anti-beggar devices, the weird noises that the engine makes scare away beggar

9- Your friends will not borrow your car. Lets face it if I drive an ’86 charade, my friends won’t be lining up to take it for a spin around that block

8- Spare parts are much cheaper. Maintenance is cheaper as we have a range of spare parts categories to choose from- Japani, chinese ,genuine, desi, desi chinese, second hand from shershah, second- hand, stolen ………..

7- A crappy car can be repaired more easily, many mechanics are available for crappy old cars, therefore it will also be cheaper in labour fees

6- Not easily dented as the new cars, punch a new car and put a dent on the side that costs 15000/- to remove, punch a crappy car put a dent in your fist.

5- have their own complicated methods of starting, thereby giving you a free of cost security system.

4- Much easier to understand the mechanics of the old cars as compared to new ones, you can try experimenting with your car. If it back fires, no worries as it is cheap to repair (consult points 7 & 8)

3- You can modify/ restore your car very cheaply, accessories much cheaper than new cars.( the roof of an fx car is only 800/-)

2- People are usually attached to crappy cars, as usually a crappy car is their first car.

The best reason to have a crappy car is:

1- Crappy cars have heart, they stay with you through thick and thin. New cars are very delicate, if you dont use a certain brand of coolant or motor oil the car sulks and eventually forces you to take it back to the mechanic

4 thoughts on “10 Reasons to drive a crappy car

  1. Couldn’t have said it better myself! I watch how much people will spend and the time they have to wait to get their car fixed! Ill stick with my basic car and gladly keep the keys when others are asking to go for joy rides 😉


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