Happily Ever After? Think again!


And they lived happily ever after.
There is no happily ever after. The story or the movie ends with the hero riding/driving off into the sunset to their happily ever after. Really? We’re supposed to believe that? I think not.
They never tell you the number of times the hero has to listen to his true love whine on the way to the castle about what she doesn’t have. They never tell you the number of times the heroine sulks in the corner because her cooking isn’t as good as her true love’s mother’s. They never tell you about all the stupid purchases that the princess makes and that she doesn’t know how to run a household, because all her life she’s been locked in a tower where she hasn’t handled any money.
Happily ever after my foot. True love’s first kiss may break a spell or whatever but it also gives way to a whole other set of problems. How do you explain to your parents and family that the girl you’re bringing home spent quite sometime living alone in a house with 7 other males? How do you explain to your family that your wife has a tendency to take long naps, which may stretch into days or weeks. When you are a prince, you can’t just present a girl to society who has worked as a maid most of her life, what will you do about the lack of social skills or the inferiority complex that she can’t assume a dominating/commanding role expected from her as a member of the royal family. How do you tell your father that you’re marrying a delusional but wealthy man who spends all day in self pity and talking to his crockery?
These are just some of the problems faced by people in their “happily ever after” So the next time you hear about someone finding true love and their “happily ever after” , don’t beat yourself up, their ever after may not be so happy after all

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