The Business part 2


The next day, I gathered all my id documents and educational certificates and put them in 2 large Manila envelopes. I picked up Faisal and he asked “You bring it” I nodded and handed him the envelopes
“Let’s go to the VIP restaurant in Sindhi Muslim” he said
“Why? didn’t you have breakfast?”
“We’re meeting someone there-I’m selling our ids, we need the money anyways.”
“so how much are we getting for it?”
Faisal paused for a moment and looked at me and slowly said “One million” He paused again “each”
I was dumbstruck, speechless all I could for the next five minutes was open my mouth to repeat what he said and then close it again. Faisal didn’t notice, he was busy looking for whoever we were meeting.
“So who are we meeting anyways?” I finally managed to coin a phrase together again.
“An agent”
“What kind?”
“The consultancy ones, you don’t know how much people are willing to pay to get out of this hell hole. A masters degree, all original educational and identification documents, a new name…. A new start, how many of us are want to do that and get a chance to actually do it?”
Before I could respond, Faisal got out of the car and walked towards a battered old Suzuki Mehran. The doors were rusting and it looked out of place in this tranquil and beautiful neighbourhood.
Faisal handed the guy in the car our envelopes and took a bulky looking smaller envelope and shoved it inside his shirt. He nodded at the guy in the car and briskly made his way back to my car, signing me to start it.
I sensed some urgency in his body language, so I turned on the ignition and as soon as he got in, really stepped on the accelerator screeching away into the still cool Karachi morning.
“idiot!” Faisal slapped the back of my head “Why did you take off like James Bond? Do I look like Rajnikanth bootni k? I almost crapped my pants, which I will be wiping clean with your half if dirty”
“When you signal me to start the car like a mad man, what am I supposed to think?”
“Sorry it’s just that I’ve never had a couple of million shoved in my underwear before. I panicked” Faisal apologised.
“So what do we need need the money for?”
Faisal smiled that infectious smile “Have you seen the movie, the bucket list?”
“no, what’s it about?”
“Things you wanna do- before you die”
” oh”
There was an uncomfortable silence on the rest of the way to work, as the magnitude of what we were about to do dawned upon us.

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