The Business part 1


I was told that my life would end after my biggest victory. This information was conveyed to me when I was ten. I spent the rest of my childhood hoping that each success wasn’t my last. I always wanted something more. My friends called me ambitious, my mentors called me focused.
Little did any one know the constant state of fear I was in, I sometimes was startled awake at night, dreaming I had dropped dead instantly after achieving any goal I had set myself. This was more profound before my three graduations- school, bachelors and my masters. After my masters, I lightened up, began having more fun and socialising.
Little did I know that 6 months after graduation I would be lying on a hospital bed knocking on death’s door. I have no regrets, although I hoped that this one victory was not associated with me, for the sake of sparing my family the misery of what went wrong and their personal safety.
The night after my graduation, a friend of mine threw a party. It was the 28th of June I met the one person who would forever change me. He was smoking an expensive brand of cigarettes that cost almost twice as much as regular ones.
There was something so captivating about that smile that made you feel as of you were part of the conversation.
He graciously included me in the conversation as it turned to politics. There was a general consensus about a mutual hatred with one secular party. Faisal was the name of the charming fellow who made me feel at ease. He then exclaimed ” someone should shoot that bastard!”
There was a general murmur of agreement with this remark. He then looked at me and asked “What do you think?”
With all the swagger that I could muster, I replied “Why someone else? Why not one of us? I mean we all hate him- right?”
Everyone felt silent and looked to Faisal to answer the question.
“Sure,” he replied”All of us are educated, we could plan an assassination.” he looked at me with a dangerous gleam in his eye and added “you could do the deed, since you gave the idea”
Another silence fell over the group,everyone was suddenly tense,which was broken by Faisal’s laughter after which everyone joined in. I joined in too laughing at I dont know what.
In between fits of laughter, he exclaimed”Did you see his face? I think he shit himself! Hahaha!”
The laughter grew even louder after that, and I had to settle for smiling sheepishly.
After that incident I was ‘in’ with the group and they became my new best friends- Faisal in particular had apologised to me and become a very good friend. Coincidentally we also ended up working in the same company, in the same department, so in a couple of months we were really good friends.
One day faisal told me to meet him after work for tea at a dhaba near the office. It wasn’t part of my nature to socialise after work, but in Faisal’s case, I made an exception.
I couldn’t find him at first, he was sitting in the darkest part of the restaurant.
We ordered tea and then chatted about work, family and all the other usual stuff. Faisal gave me a conspirational look and said”You know, I’ve been thinking about what you said the first time we met. Why can’t that somebody be us?” He had started the conversation in English, and given the sensitive nature of the topic, I thought it best to respond in kind.
“what?” I asked as the waiter placed the cups of tea in front of us.
“You heard me,” Faisal said”more specifically- you and I. No one else has to know” He had that same manic glint in his eye that I had seen the night I first met him.
“Yaar, but that was just a hypothetical conversation, I …”
“What is a hypothesis but a great idea not proven to the world.Look”
He opened the flap of his satchel and beckoned me to take a closer look. It was a black metallic object, that looked very familiar”You bought a damn gun!”
“shhh not so loud” said Faisal, glancing over his shoulder to see if anyone had heard the remark.
“As you can see I am very serious about the- um.. Egg laying hen” he said
“what will you do for all the-” I paused searching for the appropriate jargon to fit Faisal’s terminology “umm cocks that stand in our way”
We were still conversing in English and at this point Faisal burst out laughing
“Yaar, I can’t believe you said it with such a straight face!”
“What’s wrong with- oh bhens!” I muttered realising the blooper I just made
Faisal cleared his throat and said
” First of all think up another story, hens isn’t doing it for me, and secondly, we aren’t just going to charge- we put our heads together and plan. Let me know tomorrow what you wanna do so I can plan accordingly”
“Who else knows about this? And where did you get the black ‘cell phone’?” I asked emphasising on the words and nodding towards the satchel to get my meaning across.
Faisal smiled and said ” The lesser you know the better” he got up to leave.
That night, I couldn’t sleep. I spent all night up weighing the pros and cons of if I do this.
The next morning I had made my decision. I called Faisal up telling him that I was going to pick him up so we can go to work together. On the way to work- in that 35 minute drive, I told him of my decision.
“I’m gonna do it. But its just going to be the two of us. No one else will know about this”
Faisal nodded.
“secondly, we need to do something to hide our identities.”
“way ahead of you bro, we’ll take care of that tomorrow. Bring all your id documents.”

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