Good people still hanging


So much has been said about the lack of good people nowadays, that the ones that are good are not appreciated.

Who says that good people are not there anymore?

Today was another shut down- someone was killed and everybody wanted to rush home as quickly as possible. There’s something about being in a crisis time in Karachi, either its the fact that we are so used to it now or the fact that we’re karachiites, most of us stay calm during this. I like to think that its the latter

Given past experiences, we plan 3-4 different routes to get home, an every one is in a hurry to rush to the safety of their homes, a precious few living in posh areas or in close proximity to their offices choose to stay behind and avoid the mad dash resulting in huge traffic jams and streams of expletives that drivers specifically motor bike drivers shower on the drivers of the vehicles hindering the flow of traffic. 

In the midst of all this madness, there are a few people who excercise patience, road courtesy is now becoming more common. People now have enough sense to pause for a few seconds to let a car pass in order to facilitate a swifter flow of traffic on the roads. The policemen have also become more understanding, usually in this time, no one stops drivers from talking on the phones, which is not as dangerous given the slow moving traffic, as the people franticlly try to assure their loved ones about them being enroute to their homes and    keep abreast with the latest news to plan their journey accordingly.

Who says good people are gone? I say they are now more apparent now then before

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